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No, Donald Trump Doesn’t Like Gay, Black, or Native American People Either

Well, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and will be taking on Hillary Clinton in November. I am certainly unhappy about this, but I cannot honestly say I dislike Trump more than George Bush or Mitt Romney or much more than John McCain. Nor do I feel that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz would have been a better choice. This is not a compliment to Trump but rather a reflection of how much I despise the modern Republican Party with its bigotry and meddling in people’s lives. I wanted to devote this blog to discussing some of the less-talked about aspects of Trump’s bigotry. Most of the controversy has focused on his bigoted attitudes toward Muslims, Mexicans, women, and disabled people. His attitudes toward LGBT, black, and Native Americans have gotten comparatively little attention. This is a serious mistake. This post will catalogue Trump’s bigotry against these three groups.

African Americans: While it was never proven that Trump discriminated against black tenants in the 1970s, his various racist remarks about black people make one think he was probably guilty. There’s his birtherism, which was loaded with racial connotations. After all, how does it look when the first black president is accused of not being a “real American”? But the birtherism is far from the most anti-black thing that Trump has said. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I want to quote myself from the last year: “We should also not accept the narrative that racism is no longer a major problem in America. We got another reminder of this recently when Donald Trump tweeted, ‘Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!’ This asinine tweet was favorited by over six thousand people. So in Trump’s warped mind, because President Obama is black, he is responsible for everything any black people do. Or something. Never mind that white individuals have rioted over sporting events. Or that a white man in Idaho just shot a cop to death. Does Trump blame these events on Bill Clinton?” It’s obvious why Trump did not get a black Republican to be his running mate–any black conservative who was offered the job would have been afraid that Trump would blame them for any riots that broke out during his presidency. There is also his weird back and forth on whether or not to disavow David Duke. And the fact that he referred to efforts to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the front of the twenty dollar bill as “pure political correctness.” Finally, back in November, Trump tweeted a bogus graphic stating that 81% of white murder victims in America were killed by black people. The correct figure is about 15%. When Bill O’Reilly actually confronted Trump about this, the Billionaire casually deflected responsibility by asking, “Am I gonna check every statistic?” and insisting, “All it was is a retweet. It wasn’t from me. And it did – it came out of a radio show and other places.” Oh, and about black people supposedly loving Trump? Polls taken this year have repeatedly shown him winning anywhere from twelve percent of the black vote to just one percent. Al Gore got ninety-two percent. I wouldn’t be bragging about this if I were Trump.

Gay People: Here, Trump has benefited from the fact that because the GOP is so rabidly homophobic, a candidate such as himself can be blatantly homophobic and still look moderate by comparison. Yes, he is less homophobic than a lot of Republicans, but that’s like saying a colonoscopy is less unpleasant than a fecal transplant. Despite his extramarital affairs and divorces, he has repeatedly stated that he opposes same-sex marriage. And unlike some Republicans, he does not consider it a settled issue in light of last year’s Supreme Court ruling. When asked if he would appoint judges who would overturn the ruling, Trump said, “I would strongly consider that, yes.” He has also promised to champion “right to discriminate” legislation if Congress considers it a priority, flip flopped after initially criticizing Kim Davis, and told a right-wing Christian audience that “marriage and family” are under attack. After singing Trump’s praises for months, the Log Cabin Republicans have now admitted that the Republican Party’s 2016 platform is extremely anti-gay. That’s not a bug of Trump’s campaign. It’s a feature.

Native Americans: Whether he’s trying to expand one of his businesses or going to the mat for the country’s first Democratic president, Trump manages to find time to denigrate Native Americans. As The Huffington Post points out, “While fighting against a proposed Native American casino in New York that would have competed against his Atlantic City properties, Trump took out anonymous ads featuring photos of ‘drug paraphernalia’ whose copy read, ‘Are these the new neighbors we want?’ It continued: ‘The St. Regis Mohawk Indian record of criminal activity is well documented.'” And his remarks about Jackson and Tubman were not just dismissive of the historical experiences of black people. They were also a slap in the face to Native Americans whose ancestors were displaced by Jackson’s ethnic cleansing.


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